Saturday, 20 August 2016

No press yet but audiences leave great reviews for 'Around the World by Guitar'

Eric Bogle onstage at Queen's Hall in Edinburgh
I've been getting great audience feedback for 'Around The World by Guitar' and here are some of the comments:

‘The most relaxing and enjoyable 50 minutes at the Fringe’ – [Iain McMillan]

‘Wonderful! A great selection of pieces; a thoroughly enjoyable moment of beauty and calm in a busy Fringe’ [Elizabeth Edmondson]

‘Absolutely loved it. Varied programme of beautiful music played brilliantly. Thank you so much’ [Elaine Weir]

 ‘Excellent. A lovely way to travel the world’ [Robert Davidson]

‘Absolutely outstanding’ [William Allan]
The hours every day practising and the worries about whether I'll do the music justice are all worthwhile if the thing I came to the Fringe to do makes people feel happy. So thank you everyone, I greatly value your appreciation and will continue to work hard to deserve it.
And I went to a fantastic concert at Queen's Hall tonight by the great Eric Bogle - seen here onstage. Go and see him if you get the chance but I think he was only doing the one show here.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Have a listen to the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Radio Show

Have you listened to the excellent Radio show, running throughout the Fringe and devoted to all things Fringe? It is the Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Radio show and it's a good way to find out about shows you may not have got around to noticing yet. It's also good to hear the actual performers talking about their shows.

Ewan Spence is the presenter and host and he plays musical tracks from Fringe Performers throughout the day and night on air, during each show.


I listen when I have a break for coffee from practising. The interviews with performers are fascinating. My son here on the right, heard my track the other day.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

VoiceMap - How to navigate the Edinburgh Fringe

Edinburgh is filled with performers and as you know, every stroll on the streets is a seething mass of acrobats, buskers and people thrusting leaflets into your hands and pleading with you to come and see the best show in town. The Fringe Programme is packed with shows in every genre - and if I can quote the press release of a just-launched initiative...

' on earth does one choose – and then make it to the venues without getting lost in the chaos along the way? Cue the first ever Fringe audio guide. It guides you between venues, tells you what’s on and when it’s happening, all using your phone’s GPS device to play audio automatically while you stroll the streets. You’ll even hear a few teasers from performers along the way...'


The guide to venues in Edinburgh’s Old Town - including my venue, C Too, is very nifty. Smartphone users can download the free audio tour app, VoiceMap, and then it's just £1.49 for the Audio Guide. 
So no more panicking about what to see or how to find it - have fun exploring the festival with this insider’s guide to plenty of lesser-known and off-the-wall events. As that press release says:
 '...How else are you going to know about shortcuts between venues, secret basement theatres, whisky tastings, shows in whisky bars, kid-friendly shows, kid unfriendly shows, Friday Fringe take-overs at a certain well-known museum, Violet the upside-down-cow-cum-purple performance space, the big top tents where acrobats live, free hand massages, or the Fawlty Towers Dining Experience?'

Friday, 5 August 2016

Isle of Skye concert details available now

If anyone on the Isle of Skye would like to hear me playing classical guitar music come to my  concert (scroll down to 31 August) at the Aros Centre in Portree on 31 August at 7.30 pm.

People's historian Daniel Gray (left) and me, perform in 2010

I'm really looking forward to it - first time on Skye.
The nearest I 've come before is the Isle of Muck and Arisaig - in a music and storytelling show with the wonderful writer and TV presenter Daniel Gray back in 2010.

I can't wait to get back among that glorious scenery.

Details of the Isle of Skye show are here (scroll down to 31 August)
Book tickets here

Saturday, 30 July 2016

The Big Jons have been spotted

This year's programme
Yes - a sighting appeared on Twitter so thank you for the retweets everyone and C Venues for spotting and Tweeting it :) and if anyone spots another one please feel free to Tweet a picture of it or post it on Facebook and help me spread the word about my show.

Another very cool thing to look out for - and I'm in it -  is a virtual guided walk around the Edinburgh Fringe mobile app, VoiceMap, which uses GPS to play audio automatically, at exactly the right time and place so as you walk towards the castle and come within range of Venue 4 you hear me playing the guitar and talking to you. Just like Pokémon really.

Also I've done an interview about being at the Fringe for The New Current and it's now up there online if you'd like to read it.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Look out for big Jons - the countdown to the Edinburgh Fringe

Not long now until I set off to Edinburgh. The tech run is booked for the 3 August. I get to test all the technical aspects of my show - has the chair got all its legs/does the air circulate the same as last year/ er... that's it. It is very trouble free being acoustic.

I've been involved in a few ticket sales boosting activities. I've done an interview for The New Current and become part of a virtual audio walk around the Edinburgh Fringe with a really cool app called VoiceMap

The outdoor posters are going to be appearing all over Edinburgh soon - can anyone who spots one Tweet it to me? Or just tell me in the usual way if you're not on Twitter - I do still talk to non Twitter users!

It will be looking like this although the bigger ones are landscape - there should be some on the railings here and there I think. So it's all getting very exciting.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Edinburgh fringe brochure hits the streets and ticket sales soar

It's the same colour as my poster last year - though I didn't have a steampunk owl costume. Perhaps I should have.

Anyway tickets had already been steadily selling which shows just how many people get in early once the online programme launches.

The appearance of the actual brochure has prompted a surge in sales however and I am delighted with that. So BUY TICKETS EVERYONE!

I like to browse through it and plan what shows I'll go and see myself, while sipping a nice cool beer and now I've mowed the lawn  perhaps I'll do that while I wait for Iceland v Hungary to kick off. Can Iceland do it again?

Mozart at Teatime sounds good - at the Royal Overseas League and who wouldn't want to go and hear Nuns N Roses? Oh - they're on pretty much at the same time as me so that won't be possible for me sadly. Great title though.